Visit Paris in the Winter!

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Paris is usually said to be a glum place to visit during winter season; the prevalent mood is gloomy due to incessant rain, most people simply stay indoors. However, with the holiday festive season around the corner, Paris will revive and return to its liveliness for a good part of the season. Whatever the indoor or outdoor event that you prefer, Paris is an ideal place for you to be this season. The city comes alive with diverse indoor activities such as sightseeing in museums and cathedrals; people having a great tranquil time reading in a typical Paris café with chocolat chaud at hand; others having a great time ice-skating under an open sky; with plenty of other fun activities.

The good parts!
During the winter holiday seasons, the beautiful outdoor decorations brings an almost ethereal beauty to the city. These magnificent sights pave the way for an beautiful outdoor evening for the entire family. This can also be a great time for couples and lovers to have a romantic evening out. Details of holiday events can be seen in most guide books.
At this time of the year, the influx of people into the city is minimal, therefore, one can easily move around without competing for space with multitudes of tourists. Entry to events and the tourist centers is quite easy at this season and restaurant seat reservations are usually available. Needless to say, prices of virtually everything from casual shopping to air and train transport are quite lower compared to the peak period of spring and summer.

Paris In Winter

Winter is less crowded but just as tasty!

The Not so great parts!
During this time of the year, the weather conditions are often cold, rainy and the daylight is short. This can be quite an unfavorable climate for someone traveling who obviously does not like to stay indoors. Unfortunately, some historical sites and sites of interest to tourists are usually closed about this period as the tourist traffic is considerably low; this can be disappointing to an enthusiastic tourist. It is best to check-out opening and annual closing times of those tourist sites ahead of time. There is a bit of confusion here though as some businesses also close in the summer because that is the time that most people actually living in Paris go on vacation.

What to See and Do During the Winter?
In spite of the weather outlook, there are quite a number of activities that one can engage in during a winter trip to Paris. Many of the activities are usually indoors but with a good winter wardrobe and some fairly dry weather, one can take a blissful stroll to a beautiful Parisian park. Also, a night walk through the dazzling streets adorned with varieties of lights is an awesome experience. You can consult tourist guide books that will list activities that are suitable for this season for individual, couple or an entire family. Basically, the best time to visit Paris is… any time you can get there!

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