Are granny panties a moment killer?

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This may seem like a strange topic for an article yet the subject has found its way into everyday culture, as well as quite often portrayed in television and the movies. I will approach this from a man’s point of view as it most often affects the gentleman. This is of course unless he too wears granny panties for some strange and personal or unknown reason. Women may have specific reasons for wearing them as well, including deliberately turning a potential intimate encounter into one that leads to an early ending of an evening.

So the big question is “Are granny panties a moment killer?”

Let’s first go over what Granny Panties actually are. If you are over 30 years old and have ever had the unfortunate experience of walking in on your mother or grandmother as they were changing, then you know what Granny Panties are and why they can ruin an evening. They would be very similar to what were called Tighty Whities for men. Basically, very plain and unflattering underwear that have zero sex appeal for most people. This may be why women might wear them to decrease the chances of intimate encounters believing that Granny Panties are a moment killer for potential intimacy.

Now let’s be honest about this, a fashion model wearing designer style Granny Panties that come up to her belly button and cut low on the sides can produce a totally different reaction in the human male than the kind Grandma Ruthie wore. One can leaving you panting with desire while the other can leave you panting after vomiting a bit in your mouth. If you are asking if Granny Panties are a moment killer think about that for a second, but not with the super model wearing them.

There are some redeeming qualities about granny panties according to some women, beyond their use as a method of birth control. Many women claim that they are much more comfortable than having a thong or floss up your butt and much more desirable if you are into athletics. Could those laundry day underwear or the kind your Grandmother used to wear be making a coming among millennials?

Could designer granny panties be making a comeback among the younger generations and millennials or are granny panties a moment killer that will be forever leaving us with images best left in the archives of vintage porn!

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