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The Selfie Explosion! Is it Healthy?

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Have you ever been on a date where the person you are with is paying more attention to getting a picture with their appetizers than talking to you? It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, the problems with selfie addiction can strike either gender. It is a growing concern, especially among the generations known as the Millennials and Generation Z. Basically Those who were born around or after 1995. Aside from just being plain old rude, obsessive Selfie taking has also become quite dangerous.

YouTube is constantly showing videos of those who are so preoccupied with taking just the right photo of themselves and sending out for all to see that they don’t realize that a bus is about to make that picture quite memorable and maybe their last. The funniest a woman who after taking a selfie outside her favorite store at the mall was so engrossed in immediately getting it on her Instagram page that she failed to notice the fountain that had just fallen into.

At some point one has to wonder how important is a person’s social media presence? How many of us are actually living our lives one selfie at a time? I often wonder if there is a specific number a selfies one must take a day to make all right with the universe. Have you ever noticed the number of devices that are now on the market to assist people in the taking of selfies?

confessions of a selfie addict

Selfies are now a part of daily life

Okay, so maybe constantly taking pictures of yourself, your food or your pet goldfish is not the worst thing in the world, but could it be indicative of a deeper issue? People do not have to be vain to spend a great deal of their waking hours chronicling their daily lives for all to see and comment upon, as even those with looks that suggest their parents lost a bet with God take comfort or fufilment from selfies. The big question is why do they feel the need to do it incessantly?

Many experts say that those who take tons of selfies because it is filling a need in their lives, perhaps to be noticed or liked by others. This brings us to another point about posting your life for all to see, posting selfies is one things but urging your followers to like and comment about them could be a cause for alarm.

Taking advice from friends and relatives is one thing, but listening to suggestions from the throngs of Internet followers is a recipe for disaster. If you are in a relationship, how will your selfie habit affect it? Would you be okay with your boyfriend or girlfriend posting about their daily lives which might include you?

Social networking and having some harmless fun is fine but where does this fun turn into a compulsion and what parts of your life does it affect. Just some thoughts for the next time you stick your iPhone out at arm’s length and make that duck-face for the world to see.

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